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A wedding band is a band that is used for a wedding which is made of precious metal ring. This wedding band is worn in different hands in different countries. In some of the place like US and UK, it is worn in the base of the left ring finger. In some other areas like Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Russia etc, it is worn on the right ring finger.

Women's Wedding Bands

Women’s Wedding Bands

A wedding band is worn both by the man and the woman. The place where they wear it and the material, the pattern, size, shape may vary. Men wear it at his right hand and in the ring finger, whereas women wear it on the left hand ring finger.

Wedding ring is a symbol of commitment. It is also symbol of marriage and fidelity among the men and women who are getting married. It is like a bond between the bride and the groom. Wedding band contains communal, emotional, religious aspects of marriage. It is one type of reminder about the duties and responsibilities towards your partner.

People find many meanings in the circle of the wedding band. It means undying love, timelessness, homecoming, eternal return of the seasons and celebrations.

A wedding band has astrological and magical aspects. The band represents the sun and the moon. It has some traditional belief of magic in the bands.

A wedding may be made of any material. In different countries and religious communities, different materials are used for making a wedding band.

Materials for Wedding band

Generally religious communities accept a wedding band made of anything. It is made of some metal for the general use. In some case where the two parties are poor enough to get a metal wedding band , then even a rubber band may act as a wedding band.

In general alloys are used for making a wedding band. Yellow alloy of gold, white alloy of gold, nickel gold alloy, titanium, tungsten, nickel silver, stainless steel etc are used for making a wedding band. For hardening this, copper, tin and bismuth are used with such materials. Rhodium is used for coating. Among them nickel silver is the least costly.

Silver, copper, brass etc are not used commonly. It is because of the corrossion. Aluminium and poisonous metals are not used for making a wedding band.


In general gold band is the most used pattern. Narrow are popular with women and broad pattern is popular with the men.

Some uses a pattern of three interwoven rings. According to some poepl this means the three Christian values “faith, love and hope”. In franch you will see this type of pattern. In some communities like the Greek, Anatolian and Italian, use of puzzle ring is prevalent. These rings consist of a set of metal rings, which form a single ring when in order. In some places like North America women wear two band on the same finger and in UK women wear three bands on their finger.

Wedding bands are generally used for two times-one for the engagement and the other for the wedding.


Engraving wedding ring – In US you will find Engraving Wedding Bands.

Celtic- again in US you will find this style. It is also seen in Canada and other english speaking countries. The wedding band will containa Celtic knot design.

Claddagh – It is used to symbolize fidelity to the partner

A wedding band may contain a precious stone also. It may also contain inscriptions.

Handcrafted, designer wedding band and bands made by using machines are available.

Some of the wedding bands available are – perfect Tungsten Rings, Diamond Wedding Bands, Gold Wedding Bands, Titanium Wedding Bands, Platinum Wedding Bands or Palladium Wedding Band etc. All of them vary in material, design, property and cost.

Where to buy wedding bands

You have two options, buy from a local store which you know or buy from the Internet.
The local store will be able to offer you something that it has and it makes. Ask the goldsmith to make one, specifying the design, pattern, material, and all other components. Go through a wedding magazine, brochure or book and select the design.

When you buy from the Internet, you have much more options, as Internet has so many dealers and online sellers that you will lot have time if you want to go through all. See the categories, and then go through the designs and other specifications. Select whichever you like and buy it online. When buying online, be aware as there are some frauds that go on there. Always buy from a trusted and reputed seller.

While selecting a wedding band, be sure to get the best one, because you may be offering it to your partner for a single time and for the lifetime. Choose a beautiful, unique, very much customized one for your partner. Get a wedding ring that is so beautiful that when you see it many years after you say “I do”, you still feel that it is beautiful and close to your heart.