Weight Loss Enemies

Getting in shape for your Big Day is very important. Losing the extra pounds and tightening your muscles will not only make you look good. It will also make you feel prettier and it will give you more energy. For some, losing weight is very easy, while for others no so much. Not many people are aware of the fact that weight loss has its enemies that can make the process harder and less effective. These enemies are usually rooted deep into our lifestyle or our huge ambition to get rid of the extra weight.

Enemies to Weight Loss and How to Conquer Them

Enemies to Weight Loss and How to Conquer Them


Alcohol greatly slows down the calorie burning. In addition, some beverages like cocktails contain more calories than a regular meal, for example. Also, you need to avoid fizzy drinks like coke, soda and etc. However, if you have an occasion to celebrate, then you can allow yourself a few drinks. It is better if you consume a lot of water before and after that. That will help your blood assimilate the alcohol faster and it will keep your skin healthier.

Party Food

Party food like chips, sandwiches and cakes are one of weight loss’ biggest enemies. They contain an enormous amount of calories even in the smallest bite. Also, they can quickly bounce you back to your previous kilos. Therefore, avoid eating too much party food. Instead enjoy one treat every few days.

Lack of Sleep

Bad and little sleep will make you eat more often. When the body is exhausted form the lack of proper rest, it tries to compensate with extra food. It is best if you get about 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Those who are having troubles catching a wink should try to relax their mind and body before they go to bed. Don’t overeat, work out or drink in the evenings. Have a light snack, drink a cup of tea or milk and play some relaxing music. A short walk in the open might also put you in a sleepy mood.

Extreme Workout Sessions

Exercising is healthy, but overexercising is not. It will only make you feel exhausted and weak. Moreover, you may injure yourself if you get your body overworked. Try not to work out more than four times a week. Also, stick to exercise sessions of about 30 to 90 minutes. However, if you are not a regular exerciser, then reduce the training even more. Otherwise, you will look beat up and tired at your wedding.

Extreme Diets

Diets are part of the weight loss process. But they should be diverse and healthy. Avoid diets that include only one or two products. In fact, the best diet is eating all sorts of food but in small and limited quantities. Have a modest snack every three or four hours and drink plenty of food.