Carnival-Inspired Wedding Theme Ideas

A big event like a wedding is really not much different than a circus or a carnival. Both take time and rehearsals to prepare, for example. In addition, the people involved in them have their specific roles. So why not combine these two in one and have a circus- or a carnival-inspired wedding day! It will result in an original and interesting experience and it will relax the atmosphere a bit. Here are a few ideas for a carnival- or circus-themed wedding.

Carnival Themed Wedding Reception

Carnival Themed Wedding Reception

Venue – If you pick the right venue, you may rely on it to do all the magic. For instance, you can organize your Big Day in or next to a small amusement park. Another option is to hold the event under a circus tent. With the right decorations and details you can add more carnival feel to it.

Attractions – Entertainment attractions and rides play a key role particularly at carnivals. However, getting the real deal will cost you a lot of money. Instead, you should think of some simpler way to amuse your friends. A fortuneteller or a photo booth will, without a doubt, be a hit at your Big Day. Carnival mirrors are easy to find, yet very entertaining. To save even more from your budget, you can simply think of some DIY attraction projects.

Apparel – Having a circus-inspired wedding does not mean that you should dress up like clowns. The heyday of circus and carnival traditions was in the 19th century. As a result, vintage style is often associated with these events. Therefore, dressing the groom and the bride in vintage designs will be a great choice. In addition, make sure to add some playful and colourful details, like a pinwheel boutonniere, for instance.

Colours – Like on carnivals, the colours of the wedding theme should be bright, vibrant and… many. Well, not too many because they will need to combine well with one another. A circus trademark is the combination of red and white stripes. So you can also use it in your wedding decoration. Avoid dark colours like black and grey. Brighter pastels are a good option, however.

Invitations – Include the circus theme in your wedding invites. Just use a simplistic vintage print and illustrations or just text instead of high-resolution photos. You can print them out in the form and size of old-day posters to make things look more authentic.

Other details – It will not be a circus without balloons and animals. So make sure you add them in the general theme. However, do not assume that you will need real animals. Simple small figures or ornaments of elephants or lions will be more than enough. You can place them around the wedding table or include them in the wedding favors.

Having a wedding inspired by the circus and carnival events can be really memorable, even if you rely mostly on DIY decorations and have a limited budget. Remember, it’s the small details that count.