Wedding Rings Expressions Of Love Beyond The Traditional

Wedding rings are a symbol of betrothal and if you wonder why rings are used instead of any other piece of jewelry it is because rings are circular in nature and symbolize coming together for eternity. Then, rings are worn on the ring finger which is said to have a vein running directly to the heart so it is said if you wish to capture a woman’s heart having her wear your ring is the way to go.

Wedding Rings & Wedding Bands for Women & Men

Wedding Rings & Wedding Bands for Women & Men

And of course it is essential that the ring you present your bride must be something that speaks volumes of your love for her. The same goes for the bride because today more and more couples are stretching the limits beyond the traditional gold bands.

Diamonds have had a long past with weddings, love and wedding rings. They are a symbol of love because they are affiliated with Venus and thus also stand for prosperity and legend has it that the tip of Cupid’s arrow is a diamond. Being the hardest element, they are also a symbol for eternity.

They have been used by royalty for long since because in the 18th century diamonds were very rare and so equally expensive. But today diamonds are within reach and becoming very popular for wedding bands and colored diamonds like blue, pink and champagne are the rage.

An ideal companion for something so precious would be a precious, rare metal of course and here the sparkle of gold is fast losing out to titanium. Titanium, as well as, a surprising metal generally used for very different purposes than jewelry, Tungsten.

Both these contemporary metals are making their mark on the traditional gold market. Though on the expensive side, they are both being priced for their unique element and their strength. However tungsten is not as hard as titanium when manufactured into jewelry and is also much more expensive, so titanium remains a more practical choice.

Some are also going in for what they Eternity Rings. These rings are interlinking rings which are said to represent the trinity, eternity and togetherness. Normally these rings are made out of the same metal or they can also be made of three different kinds of metals, the most interesting one is a combination of white gold, rose gold and yellow gold.

Yet another form of an eternity ring is a Celtic wedding band. Whether or not you are of Irish descent, Celtic wedding rings are sure to catch your fancy. Celtic art in the form of knots has a whole range of knots and it is said that the Celtic interlaced figures mean two coming together, even the crossing of the spiritual with the physical. Yet others interpret them as a continuing aspect of infinity, “permanence and the continuum of life, love and faith”.

The many kinds of knots include the Eternity Knot which is basically a knot without beginning or end. A Heart Knot is also a knot that is in the shape of a heart used popularly and lastly a Lover’s Knot that links separate paths are used as lover’s knots.

Another kind of Celtic wedding band is the Claddagh ring, which is commonly a part of traditional Irish heritage and means love, loyalty, friendship and fidelity is seen as two hands holding a heart wearing a crown and is decorated with a fleur-de-lis. A Claddagh is worn with heart and crown facing inwards. Wearing the ring on the left hand, with the crown and heart facing inwards, signifies that your love has been requited and you are married never to be separated.

Of course if none of what are available appeals to you, you may consider having a unique ring made just for you. Custom rings are not only cost effective because you are designing your own ring but you will also have something one of a kind. You can choose to make a matching pair for the two of you and this can be easily done by your family jeweler, someone you trust or you may choose to get it from a recommended and well established jeweler.

There are so many stones you may consider having besides just diamonds to add a twinkle to your wedding ring. Though there will be some which are soft or require a lot of care so you will have to inquire about the stones and decide according to the wear it will undergo. Some options are sapphires; emeralds and even colored quartz are some lovely options open for you.

Happy hunting for the perfect ring, remember a wedding ring is much more than piece of jewelry. It is a beautiful expression of love for your partner that constantly remains on them to remind them of your love. So choose wisely and choose well.