Wedding Rehearsal Dinner What You Need To Know

The wedding rehearsal dinner is not a necessary part of the wedding tradition. However, in some cases, it can be particularly useful. Here’s some basic facts you need to know about the wedding rehearsal dinner.

The Etiquette of Wedding Rehearsal Dinners

The Etiquette of Wedding Rehearsal Dinners

Who Organizes It and Who Attends It

The first thing you need to know, is that this type of dinner is usually organized by the family of the groom. Nevertheless, the groom and bride may also host it. There are no set rules about the location or the style and formality of the event. The rehearsal dinner should include the bride’s and the groom’s parents and siblings. In addition, the wedding-party members should also be present. Remember to also invite their spouses or their significant others. If the bride and groom choose to organize the dinner themselves, they can team up with their parents, for example. That will save them some time and thought on the preparations.


The purpose of the wedding rehearsal dinner is to allow the families of the bride and the groom to get to know each other better. In that way, at the wedding day itself, they will have more to talk about. Also, the atmosphere will be less uptight. Even if the two families have already met and know each other, a rehearsal dinner will ease up some of the pre-wedding stress for both them and the happy couple.

When is it Held

The wedding rehearsal dinner is usually organized one or two evenings before the wedding day. In most of the cases, it begins at around 7 p.m. on workdays. During the weekends, you can pick a different hour.

Formality of the Event

As it was already pointed out, the wedding rehearsal dinner can be formal or casual. It really depends on your personal choice. If you want to experience an atmosphere closer to the one of the wedding day itself, you can make it resemble a garden party or a banquet. Those of you, who prefer something more simplistic, can have a BBQ or even a picnic. Still, it is better if the dinner is a rehearsal of the wedding reception.

Should You Send Invitations

Again, it depends on the type of event you want to have. If you are planning on inviting a handful of people, then you can skip the invites. However, if you prefer to make it more formal and invite more guests, then sending out invitations will be good idea.

You can have a wedding without organizing a rehearsal dinner. However, if you want to reduce the level of pre-wedding stress or to allow the families of the groom and the bride to get closer, then you should try it out.