Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Wedding reception is simply a party. After the marriage ceremony is over, the wedding reception begins.
In different societies wedding reception varies. You will different types of wedding reception in different places and culture.

Spectacular Wedding Decoration Ideas

Spectacular Wedding Decoration Ideas

For a wedding reception, you can make an order of the reception events. You can break up the reception in hours. Some of the wedding reception events may be like cocktail hour, formal photograph time, announcement of the wedding party, traditional hour, first dance, champagne toast, dinner, cutting the cake, dancing, bouquet toss, garter toss, dance, exit of the bride and the groom etc. You can make your own schedule for the events.

There are many types of wedding receptions like bunch or breakfast, luncheon, tea reception, cocktail party, dinner reception etc. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Know them and decide which one you want, depending on your affordability.

For your wedding reception what you can do? You can add the activities you want to or remove some from the list below.

Meal – In your wedding reception, you will need a meal. The choice of the meal varies again. You can offer a traditional meal or a buffet meal for the invitees and friends and relatives. The food , you may choose accordingly. It depends on you what you would like to offer in the meal. It is generally paid for by the family of the bride.

Toasts – Before or after a meal toasts are made. This is done to wish the couple good luck. Speeches are delivered by bride’s father, the groom, the best manor the maid of honour.

Dances- The first dance next after the specch. Th bride and the groom do their first dance. This is also called as “bridal waltz”. Today different types ofromantic songs are played and different types of dance styles are used. On the song, the bride and the groom perform their first dance.

The wedding reception also has other types of dance. There are father/daughter dance, followed by other type of dances. Songs for these special dances are also specific and for that purpose only.
In the father/ daughter dance, which comence after the first dance, the groom takes the bride to her father and both the father and the daughter dance to the tune of a father/daughter song.

Your wedding mau also include some other special dances, where you can invite the invitees to dnce.
You can have toasts and dancing in the party, After the party is over, the bride and the groom leave the place in a decorated car.

You may also do something new like getting a movie done by a professional, showing your and your bride/ groom life till the time , how you met her/him and how did you decided to get married etc. It will be a great piece for the invitees who know you, and this will help them to laugh a while also.

Wedding reception may vary in a big way, as the culture or the counrty changes. In some countries you will find different special events along with the wedding reception.

In Indian wedding reception, the invitees come and congratulate the bride and the groom and offer gifts to them.
In some parts of the US, money dance or dollar dance is present. In this dance guests need to pay a sum of money to dance with the groom or the bride.

In some other cases, the bouquet and the garter of the bride are tossed. The bride tosses the bouquet over her shoulder. This bouquet is aimed at a group od single women. The groom tosses the garter to a group of single men. The men who gets the garter is to put it to the leg of the woman who gets the bouquet.

In Chinese society, wedding reception is done in a big way spending lots of money, and is important than the wedding itself.

Wedding reception is a place to meet people met long back and meeting the family. It increses the solidarity among the members of the society. Wedding reception needs to be tracked well for keeping the cost to a limit.

You can held your wedding reception at several places like the banquet hall, community center, church hall and so on. Researve your place well before the day. Keep up the guest list small so as to save money as well as make it a quick for your honetmoon. Get th food and the music from selected source only. Select yourself what to offer in the food and what type of music to be played.