Wedding Planner – A professional wedding planner

Wedding planner is a tool to plan ahead your wedding. It is a format for deciding what is needed and what to do. You have all the events, activities, works included here along with the resources and time. Every activity is included in full and in details.

How to Start a New Career as a Wedding Planner

How to Start a New Career as a Wedding Planner

In a wedding planner, you will have so many things included. You should include the following heads in a wedding planner.

Set the Date – The first thing to do. Get a date fixed. See if you have any obligation that day. Find out any problem, if any, on that day. Find out the weather prediction for that day.

Plan ahead – Plan ahead of the day. It is not like planning the day only. Plan well ahead of the day for getting everything straight. Plan ahead so that you are ready on the day. You may need to plan before 2-5 weeks. Find out about the weather, availability of the venue, the music band or the musician, and plan all other such things that are to be done.

Marriage style – There are different wedding style like Spring Wedding Themes, Winter Wedding Themes, Beach Weddings, Valentine’s Day Weddings, New Year’s Eve Weddings, Halloween & Fall Harvest, Holiday Theme Weddings, Renaissance Theme Ideas etc. Choose your wedding style and plan accordingly.

Venues – Decide the venue for the wedding. It is very important. The venue depends upon the wedding theme. You may like to have your wedding in different places. You may want to have it in a garden, in a hotel, in a city hall and so on. Decide it, and book it for the wedding day. Make sure you have a booking for the day, or it has not been cancelled.

Events – Get the events listed. This will help you to decide about them. Decide which will succeed which event, what will be in that event. Plan event timing, event

Coordination – Coordinate all different activities in a wedding. There are so many activities that come into a wedding. Proper coordination will help it to go smooth without any unwanted event.

Weather – Plan for the day and fix it after finding out the weather forecast. If there is any possible weather problem than you would not like to hold your marriage that day, would you?

Budget – Decide what is your budget, how much you plan to spend on your wedding. You will have to pay for many services that you will hire for the wedding. So, decide how much money you are going to spend under each head. Then total up for the total budget. Budgeting is important for keeping a check on the ever running cost of wedding.

Organizing – Organize the different activities of wedding. Wedding has several activities to be performed for smooth running of the occasion. Write them down, write at what time it will be done, who will do it, what is needed for that. Set the chronological order of the activities. Get people to do the things.

Schedule – Have a schedule for the D day. You should have a schedule to run it smooth. Otherwise you will not able to complete it in time, will have to leave something, may be embarrassed, and may miss out something important to find out at the last moment.

Marriage license – Have you applied for the marriage license, where to apply etc all things are to be included in the planner.

Invitation – Invite the people you want to. Make a list of all such people, your friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors. Send them invitation through post or through e mail, or send RSVP. Track the invitation and the RSVP. Send email remainders.

Ceremony plans – Plan the ceremony. How and what you are going to organize.

Reception details – Plan ahead the reception, the time, events, music, food, dress, party everything.

Seating plans – Arrange for the sitting. Make sitting plans for all your guests.

Music planner – Plan the music. What type of music, what you want – a band, musician or a CD. Choose the category of music and types of music for different time and events.

Gift registry planner- Plan what gifts you will be offering in return. Get a registry, sort down how many you will need, what gift for whom and everything else.

Photography planning – Plan for photography of a great event of your life. What type of photography you want video and still? Get a professional photographer to do the photography. Weeding checklist – Make a checklist for the wedding. Get everything entered in that checklist. Check everything in that checklist. Find out whether you are going according to the checklist.

Outdoor wedding – For outdoor wedding, find out the weather prediction for the D day. Make sure you have all extra things needed for an outdoor wedding.

Flower finder – Find a florist to deliver the flowers needed for the wedding. Do not shop around yourself for the flowers. Instead let a professional to get the flowers and decoration.

Honeymoon – Find out a destination for honeymoon. Plan for the trip and do the needful like booking tickets, getting hotel, lodge reservations etc.

Download wedding planner – Download a wedding planner. This will make your work simple.

Save money – Plan to save money by reducing the wastage. Try to save whenever you can but not at the cost of the occasion.

Envision about your wedding. Write down what you want. Plan accordingly.