Wedding Invitation A Beautiful Way To Say You Are Getting Married

Your wedding invitation should be such that it attracts people enough for them to attend your wedding no matter what. It is something that creates a mood for the wedding ceremony and is something that you, as a couple, use for making a public declaration of the fact that you are in love and wish to be bound to each other for a lifetime by holy matrimony.

Wedding Invitations - Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations – Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

To eternalize your pledge give your friends and family a wedding invitation that they will save as a keepsake because receiving a beautiful and unique wedding invitation also makes sure that people remember the sender.

If you are having a themed wedding then your wedding invitation should convey this theme too. For example, a Victorian themed wedding could have a traditional scroll tied with a satin ribbon and accompanied with a small tussie-mussie in lace. You can use calligraphic fonts that complement your theme which you can either print or hire a professional calligrapher to write them out, this would depend on the number of gests and the time you have on hand to plan your wedding.

There may even be some with an appreciation for Celtic art. Celtic knots are a symbol of permanence and the continuum of life, love and faith and you can find some examples of Celtic knots using traditional symbols for love like the heart knots, eternity knots and knots created by separate linking paths that make for beautiful and matchless wedding invitations.

Have a heart for art? Then you can use art prints that you can obtain off the internet in bulk and use them as your invitations. Choose a picture you are both fond of, something with a lovely title that says something personal to you will also be befitting. If you can get an artist to make something personalized for you and have it signed and dated then you will truly have something that will be the talk of the town even amongst those who are not art connoisseurs like you.

I would recommend having something for an invite that the two of you are fond of. If you are both voracious readers a copy of your favorite book or just your favorite passage of it could be a part of your wedding invitation because it is going to be the first thing you both are going to plan together. You can go ahead and put down the lyrics of a song too, having “your” song on your wedding invitation will sing volumes about your love for each other.

Having a symbol of your love, however abstract will reinforce the feeling for both of you and though not all the people may understand but it will speak to the people who are close to you and attending your wedding. I knew of a couple who met on a beach vacation so they sent out these really unique wedding invitations that were like “A message in a bottle”. There was a frayed paper invitation, rolled up into a bottle like an SOS message! That is definitely one invitation impossible to forget.

In a lighter vein, if you are people with a sense of humor and wish to have something really humorously unique consider having an artist do a caricature of the two of you, true it may not appear solemn but after all it is your own choice and you will have an invitation like no other.

With growing technology and environmental awareness, many like to forego paper or even natural materials and prefer to send out emails. Emails? You ask. It is very much possible to send out some fabulous emails with specially designed email stationery, digital layouts using photo montage and adding music and so much more that is possible with technology.

If you feel brave enough, design a whole website and send people the link. This website could contain a chronicle of your love life and whatever you wish to add to your site including videos, journal writings etc. Invitations sent in CD format with the complete works are slowly catching on with an ordinary print version too. Even custom designed cases are possible with new printing technologies that allow for brighter realistic prints.

Lastly it is important to remember that no fancy invite can make up for wedding etiquette. You must remember to add directions to the wedding venue preferably with a map in your invitations. You should also include a pre-paid postage RSVP card with envelope.

Ideally, all invitations should be sent out 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding date so that people have the opportunity to organize their schedule for your wedding day.