5 Common Wedding Guest Misconceptions

Wedding Guest Misconceptions Weddings are among of those events, which include too many etiquette and tradition rules. The dos and don’ts at weddings are so countless, that people often get confused with what is accepted at these events and what is not. In this article, we will debunk some of the most widespread myths concerning wedding guests.

Wedding Guest Misconceptions

Wedding Guest Misconceptions

Buying gifts from the registry is uncreative and rude – That is anything but true. If a couple has taken the time to make a registry, you should use it. Otherwise, you may get them something which they do not really want or need. If this practice seems too impersonal to you, just add a short letter or a card to your present.

The bride and the groom are required to take care of the guests’ accommodation – That is not always the case. Even when it comes to destination weddings, the couple may ask you to cover your own accommodation expenses. Sometimes, the bride and groom will simply book the rooms for you, so that you can get lower rates. Therefore, it is better if you ask them whether you will be expected to pay this bill.

Don’t wear black – Black is a colour that is more frequently associated not with weddings but with funerals. This, however, does not mean that you should not wear black if you are invited to a wedding. No matter the event, this colour is one of the most stylish and elegant ones. In fact, it will be better if you show up in black than in white, especially if you are a lady. You don’t want to make the bride angry, do you?

Guests are always allowed to bring a guest – If the wedding invitations do not specify that, you should better go on your own. Not all couples can afford or want their guests to bring their dates at their Big Day. However, you will rarely see an invite in which you are told not bring a guest with you. That would be too rude. Instead, the bride and groom prefer to skip this part and hope that you will get the hint.

Be a good guest and remember these myths and facts about weddings. Even if you are not fond of some of the rules, you should stick to them. After all, this is the special day of the bride and the groom and you are required to respect their wishes.