Wedding Four Seasons And A

Will it be fair weather when you are to be wedded? Mother Nature in all Her glorious forms has to be considered when it comes to getting married in order to plan well. You wouldn’t want to be wearing full sleeves and gloves with your hair left open in the midst of July! Similarly, planning the food and other arrangements are equally important as would suit the weather.

Four Seasons and a Wedding

Four Seasons and a Wedding

Surprisingly, as it may appear common sense, many get carried away with fanciful weddings they have been dreaming of for a long time and forget these practical things and what they get is an uncomfortable wedding that is a horror best forgotten.

Summer Brides
If you are planning an outdoor ceremony in the summer months see to it that you have a shade provided by a pergola or gazebo to shelter you and the guests from the sweltering sun. Food should be light and cooling sherbets and drinks must be a part of the menu. Iced water should be plentiful too and keep glucose close at hand for some who can extremely delicate and sensitive to the heat. Sprinkle rose water on your guests in true Roman style or even leave fresh flowers just under huge fans to scent the breeze.

Make sure you wear enough sunscreen and wear heavy makeup that is not going to run with perspiration. Wear a dress that is appropriate for this weather that means something made of natural fabric is also going to be absolutely essential because the excitement of your wedding day itself is going to ensure that you feel hot. Keep your hair up and avoid wearing too many accessories.

Avoid the harsh glare of the afternoons for your photographs, the mornings will be well lit and the light will not fade away early in the evening so you can enjoy the benefit of having your photos taken in the mornings with friends and guests and in the evenings with close family.

Spring Brides
The most romantic season to get married in, spring is the best season and brings the promise of fair weather. It may not be a necessity but if you are to marry in spring, why not have it outdoors with a BBQ lunch? Use lots of fresh flowers and natural decorations to set the mood.

The dress can be chosen which is comfortable but not completely closed. Choose lighter fabrics as the weather can still be a bit on the warmer side. The same goes for hair, it is better to opt for a sensible style that will last all day than something that falls apart. I would also go as far to suggest wearing natural flowers for a very fresh, fairy-like look and light colors like pastel shades would be just dandy. Imagine surrounding yourself in daffodils and tulips and your wedding favors can follow an Easter theme.

Early morning is going to have a misty atmosphere whereas a bit later in the day you can be assured of having clear skies and golden sunshine to illuminate your pictures. The evenings in September can be beautiful and picturesque so take advantage of them.

A spring shower may be a possibility so keep an umbrella close at hand.

Winter Brides
With Christmas so close, the joy of the season will spread to your wedding by design. Rich fabrics, sparkling jewels and exquisite, opulent décor are just what the season demands. You can feel like a queen in deep colored velvets with gold trimmings. Flowing hair with those little pearls on transparent strings look so pretty.

You can have a very traditional Christmas menu and even have the bands play songs with a carol-like twist. You can have little Christmas trees for table top décor with faux crystal accessories teamed with candles to bring the magic of winter indoors. You can also have a fireworks display at the end of the celebrations to being them to a close with a bang.

The night lights or weak sunny mornings can be a wonderful time for your pictures.

Autumn Bride
Bedecked in the colors of the season an autumn bride will look resplendent in warm browns and burgundies, sage greens, aubergine, even oranges and golds. Wear a gown suited for the warm weather and carry along a shawl if you feel chilly.

Having a menu with the season’s favorite goodies and rich desserts with dry fruits is a complete spoiler. Because this season is somewhere in between having a combination of fiery, fizzy things in your menu will whet appetites.

This season is just perfect whether it is night or day to consider your photographs being taken. Prepare for autumnal showers just in case.

Consider the wedding weather and go with Nature’s rhythms to truly have a wedding to remember. And keep the tissues ready!