Wedding Dresses 038 Gowns For Your Day

A wedding gown is a special type of clothing. It is worn by the bride in a wedding ceremony. A gown generally comes in white. But the color may vary. Also the style and the importance may also vary in different communities and culture.

Wedding Dresses and Gowns

Wedding Dresses and Gowns

Western culture In the past brides wore wedding gowns with rich colors. They were made of expensive fabrics. They used velvet, silk and furs. Their wedding gowns represented their social status and the richness.

Wedding gowns have always been a symbol of the social status of the family. Wedding gowns have always been a matter of the designers. Gowns are always in the high fashion, with expensive materials and bright colors. The type, amount of the material used and the length made a statement about the wealth of the family.

At present, the color of the wedding gowns has become white. Some also includes a shade like eggshell, ivory etc. The white in wedding gown means happiness, innocence and purity of the heart. Some also attribute white color with virginity.

Eastern culture In eastern culture the wedding gowns are somewhat different in size, shape, color and use. In India, colors vary according to the location. Generally bright colors are used. In China, brides use red colored gowns. Then also the white gown is also used in many places where there are people belonging to Christianity. There are different categories of wedding gowns that you will find in wedding supply store and websites. Some of them are –Oriental, Western, Economical, Isbridal, Arminas, Luck, Citiz etc.

Types of Wedding gowns

There are different types of wedding gowns like the designer wedding gowns, informal, secondhand, rented, medieval, renaissance etc.

While buying Wedding gown

Find your options by yourself. Then ask for the help from your mother or your friend. Get a wedding gown that suits you and your body. What you dreamed about and what suits you may be different.

Budget is very important. Know how much you can spend on your wedding gown. Stick to that, as you probably have made a budget, and if you surpass that budget for your wedding gown, then you will be in problem in some other area. Any extra yard of fabric, handiwork and embellishment may cost you something more.

The Size is important but also important is the shape and fitting.

Limit the choices of your wedding gown to two or three and then choose the best one that will suit you, that is of the right size, right shape and that fits you better. Ask the experts about wedding gown, take their help and advice. You will feel better and relieved with their help.

Go through the bridal magazines, books. They will provide with ideas about your wedding gown. See the pictures, find out the available size, shapes, prices, facilities, features everything. You can also visit the websites that offer so many different categories of wedding gowns.

Buying a wedding gown

You can buy from a wedding dress specialist near your place. Here you can go and try whatever you want to. Take your friend or mother with you. Try out different gowns and decide.

You can also buy from the websites that offer so many wedding gowns. Browse their pages with images and description and find out which one suit you. Here you can not try out them. So, it is little bit difficult until you do not know what you want and what will suit you better.
When you need a wedding gown for your wedding, you have to search for them. Some of the tips that will help you in searching are Comfort: Make sure that your wedding gown is comfortable. It should fit properly and should be of the size you need. It should be comfortable because you will be wearing it for most part of the day.

Look: How you look in the mirror is very important. If you see your self fat and heavy but the salesman is saying you are looking OK, discard that gown. When you will get your photo taken, you will definitely look heavy in such dress. It is a one time heavy investment and so do not go by other people.

Time: Your wedding gown need some more time then your other clothing. It takes time after ordering. You will need time for trial and altering. So, keep in hand much time, may be six months for your wedding gown shopping.

Weather: Find a dress that suits your wedding season and weather. For summer and for winter your wedding gown will be different.

Style: Find out and try different style. Also check whether the style you like is still in fashion or not.