Wedding Dress: Finding the perfect dress for Cinderella

Today, in my opinion, you will find couples in two extremes. There are couples who are more into newer trends and want to break away from the proper white wedding and wish to experiment with the occasion that will be a lifetime’s experience, so you will find them trying to add some novelty to the traditional ho-hum wedding dress too.

Wedding Dresses Every Disney Obsessed Bride Will Love

Wedding Dresses Every Disney Obsessed Bride Will Love

On the other hand, you will find couples who wish to adhere to the age-old traditions for the sake of sentiments and because they want to be wed in keeping with the true and traditional way in this modern, fast changing world.

The bottom-line in both cases is that whatever your choice there are always ways to get that perfect dress for your wedding without having to break the bank. After all, what is important is that you feel important and beautiful on the day of your wedding, the rest will be handled by the glow that a bride will naturally have.

Take all the time in the world as it is going to be your wedding dress and something that you will cherish forever as an important part of the most important day in your life. Remember that wedding dresses need to be specially ordered and you may need up to 6 months to get the perfect dress to your liking and with all those last-minute fittings and trimmings it is important that you start your hunt as soon as you finalize a date. Don’t worry, there are as many ways to obtain a dress as there are dresses and you will definitely get the dress of your dreams.

Designer Dreams

Who wouldn’t want that killer designer dress? But if that is out of reach, here is the formula. Go through all those design catalogues and portfolios of your favorite designer, you can easily find them in fashion magazines and on the internet on the designer’s official website or showcases.
When you find something you like, obtain a copy of the picture and go to our local fabric store and produce this picture and get the materials identified and get your gown tailored ( your trusty tailor could also help identify the materials).

Most tailors and seamstresses also have such catalogs and will be willing to reproduce a design of your liking for you for a fraction of the cost that a designer dress would cost you. Some designers too offer discounts on last season’s goods and this is a great chance because no one is really going to bother if it is last season or not as long as you look like an angel in it.

Go Vintage!

If your mother or grandmother has preserved their extremely traditional, prim and proper white wedding dress, ask if you can make it your own. Apart from the sentimental value attached to the dress which would make it extra special, this would bring down the cost for your dress too. You can get it professional cleaned, altered and spruced according to your tastes and the latest fashion trends and you would have your wedding dress and a drawer full of memories.

You can even find great vintage stuff at auction sites, thrift shops or even yard sales.

Ack! Off the Rack!

Of course it is your wedding day and you may want something exclusive but it is just not in your budget. Then buy off-the-rack and embellish. You can easily get dresses for less and then use crystals, bows, silk roses and whatnot to decorate your dress to make it something extra ordinary and cost effective at the same time.

You can find vintage elements as well as beautiful pearls or even shell elements to add to your dress. You can use old jewelry as a brooch or even make strings of faux pearls and sew them onto your dress.

Internet Shopping for wedding dresses

The internet is a place filled with so many choices today that you will feel like a child in a candy store with a $100 bill. Look for wedding websites for recommendations and you will find a great number of choices to suit your taste and budget.

Be sure to read their terms and return policies but overall, internet shopping is fun and you may find some great bargains without overheads and even find free shipping and handling.
Look at popular auction sites if you want to experience the thrill of bidding on a dress.
Get ready for the biggest ball in your life Cinderella and make sure you look pretty for your prince charming.