Wedding Centerpieces & Table Decorations

When you decorate the tables at the reception party, you add centerpieces to it. The centerpieces can set the tone and style of your wedding. Centerpieces are the main attraction in a table. When guest sit down and have their meal, they look at it and admire it. It can add a element of elegance and style to the tables for the wedding party.

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas We Love

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas We Love

The centerpiece will affect the tables, the linens, decoration etc. So when you select a wedding centerpiece, discuss and search well.

Before buying a centerpiece, you should check out every different centerpiece. Explore wedding supply stores and online stores to find out different wedding centerpieces. Find out and compare the prices. So many categories are available today in centerpieces. Find one that suits you.

Decide how many centerpieces you will need. The number of centerpieces is equal to the number of the tables laid for the guests. So, if you are inviting more guests then the cost will be more.

What should you remember while selecting a wedding centerpiece ?
Size – The size is very important. It should neither be too small nor be too large. A small centerpiece may not attract the view, and a too large wedding centerpiece may you’re your table look smaller and actually may create problem by taking up most of the space. Height – The height of the centerpiece is another factor to be considered.

Generally a long centerpiece look well but if you are using flowers on the centerpiece, then make it shorter. People sitting in a table should be able to see each other and get into conversation. Budget – What type of wedding centerpiece, you will have for your wedding depends on your budget. If you have a good budget, you can try different options, but if hav a tight budget, then opt for one which is economical.

You can try out a centerpiece that can also be used as a wedding favor.
Different Wedding centerpieces While choosing centerpieces, you have many options. As, they are a part of the wedding, so before selecting them make a good research about them.

You will see floral arrangements in general used as wedding centerpiece. Flower arrangement centerpieces may be a small centerpiece with small flowers or a large centerpiece made of bigger flowers. You can even use potted plants as centerpieces.

Tabletop fountains are interesting wedding centerpieces. They will create a fresh feel to the tables.
You can use another centerpiece made of crystal bowl and rose petals. When rose petals are added to crystal bowl which floats in water, it makes an interesting centerpiece.

The most common type of wedding centerpiece is flowers. There are so many popular flower arrangement centerpieces. You can buy the flowers yourself from a wholesaler to reduce the cost.

Some other popular centerpieces include Candles, fruit, candy, chocolate lollipops or Hershey’s Kisses etc.
When you are having your wedding in the afternoon or in a place that has low light, you can use candles. Candles will create a romantic effect in the surrounding, and your guests will be thrilled to see it. You can even use candles with floating rose bowl. This you can do when there is lesser light, not where there is plenty of light.

Fruit also make a good wedding centerpiece. Do something to it. You can cut it, slice it, ad something to it. Make it look good. While arranging or making a wedding centerpiece, use your imagination and creativity. Make it exciting, visually appealing, use flowers, glitter, gems, bright things and so on. Experiment with it. For a themed wedding get or make a wedding centerpiece that reflects the theme.

While doing it, do not copy others. Be original.
You can yourself make some centerpieces. Thus you can save money and use it somewhere else. Some of the centerpieces, that you can make at home.

Shimmering Silver By using some branches, leaves and pine corns, spraying them with metallic silver spray and few tea lights, you can make it. Tissue Paper Mason Jars

Some assorted mason jars sizes, color tissue papers, and fe flowers will be enough for this. Skip the Flowers
Use some unusual things like feathers, sculptures, glass vases full of sand etc can be used to make this.
Think Functional

Use fruits and candles to make this. Cut the fruit if you like and arrange them in some interesting manner. Mix and Match

Use different colored vases and mix them. Use some flower stems.
In doing these do yourself or home made centerpieces, your imagination and creativity will help you better.