Wedding Cake Dressing The

After the dates have been finalized and invites have been sent and your dress has been picked up, the first thing you should be deciding on is the wedding cake. Your wedding cake, whether it is many-tiered lavishness or a simple well-shaped sheet cake will be the centre of attraction (after the bride and groom of course) and will be the only confection to hold its place of honor on a separate table decorated extravagantly for the most traditional ceremony, the cake cutting ceremony where it will be fussed over by guests and family alike. It is also the first ceremony a couple takes part in as an official couple. As you shop for your wedding cake, keep these factors in mind and remember that your wedding cake is going to be more that just a cake or a good-looking delicacy.

Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas

Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas

Wedding Cake: Choices and Themes

in your mother’s days a wedding cake meant a traditional standard white, stacked or tiered cake literally caked with butter cream and lots of icing decorations. Well, that is pretty ho-hum today when the market is choc-a-bloc with such a wide range of choices that they could boggle your mind. You can get just about everything and anything from the understated elegance to the bold and burnished.

One of the things, that is foremost the point of consideration is whether you are having a themed wedding. Your cake should compliment the color scheme, the bridal gown and the bridesmaid’s dresses depending on what the scale and look of the wedding is. Traditionally there were two cakes called the bride’s cake and the groom’s cake respectively that each denoted the personal tastes and choices of the bride and groom. Today however, we see that the two have been united into one and reflect the common interests of the couple. Here are some guidelines which will greatly help narrow down your choices:

• What is the budget of your cake?
• If you are choosing a designer or designing the cake by yourself?
• How many guests are you planning the wedding for?
• Will you be serving any additional desserts or is the cake your main dessert?
After you have put into black and white these points we can get on to giving you a couple of ideas. Yes, many couples today are increasing opting to bake their own wedding cake!

The flavor of the cake is one of the things that you can experiment if you are getting it baked or baking it yourself. Of course you have the all-time favorites of chocolate or vanilla but why be plain vanilla with your wedding cake? There are so many flavors of cake available these days and even some unique options pina colada, cheese and cherry and even spicy flavors for that bit of zing. If it is multi-tiered you can also make the different tiers in different flavors so if you are arguing about the flavor here’s the solution. If you are choosing a western theme, having a chilly’n’chocolate cake is just perfect.

Decoration too has come a long way from the traditional butter cream frosting, or rolled fondant or marzipan. You can decorate your cake with real or fake flowers, sugared ornaments, ribbons and even crystals. There are so many beautiful authentic crystal decorations available that will greatly increase the value of your cake. Crystals are also available on delicate wire stems that you can make a fountain-like decoration from by bunching and bending these stems. On this you can add some elements of your choice, be it flowers, ivy or even small beaded decorations that can cascade down your cake from the top tier and steam downwards looking like a dazzling fountain in motion. These bendable wires can also be bent into versatile shapes.

You can also add monograms in crystal or beautiful glass decorations are also available these days. Wedding cake toppers are available in a wide range of choices too and you can include your first initials and the final initial could be the initial you both share. Baking your cake and eating it….

Try getting people who have been there, done that to give you a referral. Have you been to a wedding where the cake was just what “I want this when I get married?”, then ask them where they got their cake baked or designed from. Some bakers will be happy to show you examples or even take you on a tour of their bakery to give you an idea of their current works in progress. Remember that some bakers may need to be intimated up to four to six weeks in advance so ask for their time limits.

Also, the fees that the baker charges to bake the cake may go higher when there are additional costs like transportation, setting up and on-site decoration. So and make sure your wedding cake a really special one and give your guests something to talk about.