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A small arrangement of flowers or a cluster of flower makes a bouquet. Wedding bouquet is a small bunch of flowers, which is given as a gift.

Wedding Flowers, Bouquets and Centerpieces

Wedding Flowers, Bouquets and Centerpieces

Wedding bouquets are interesting and very beautiful as gifts. Bouquets are a integral part of the wedding without which you can not think about a wedding. Flower bouquets will make the wedding venue beautiful and will offer greenary and touch of nature.

Find in the websites – There are so many web sites offering wedding bouquet. Bouquets are categorized in different categories. You can find them by browsing through the websites. You will find pictures and description of various bouquets. Choose the one you want.

In these web sites you can even personalize your wedding bouquet. You can design it yourself online. Choose the flowers to be used in a bouquet, choose the design, and choose other features online. Get the ready bouquet delivered at your home on the day you want.

Find at a florist – Get the wedding bouquet at a local florist. There are some florists who specialize in wedding bouquet. Tell them what you need, and get it on the day you want it.

Make it personal – you can make it personal and personalized. Ask for such service. Choose yourself the flowers, the colors, the design, the look everything from samples or from a graphical design. Let the florist make it for you and deliver in time.

Classic all white formal arrangements will be great for you wedding. Try it out. Also try out more colours if you want a contemporary look.

Try to get a unique design. This will be useful to make the bride surprised and happy. People will like to have a flower bouquet with a unique design. Bright colored flowers will make better bouquet. Always choose flowers with dark, deep colors, which are interesting in looking.

There are several styles of wedding bouquet.

In Cascade bouquets the flowers used descend below the main point of the bouquet. It is a special design. It makes the bouquet a main feature of the costume of the wedding. In formal and traditional weddings cascade bouquets are used.

As the name suggests, hand-tied bouquets are prepared by the hand. It has an interesting method of preparation. First florists put the stems of the flowers, foliage and accessories on the hand. Then they wrap all these items till they are tightly held together. They use ribbon or French braid for wrapping. These bouquets are best suited for garden wedding and for brides who love flowers.

Contemporary bouquets are made using new unconventional ideas, patterns and styles. They do not use geometric form like other styles. Mostly Calla lilies, anthurium and orchids are used to prepare such bouquets, because these flowers have a definite form. They also add character to the bouquets. For a sophisticated and cosmopolitan type of wedding these bouquets are best suited. Asymmetric design works in this design.

Flowers for wedding bouquet

You can use most of the flowers for making a wedding bouquet. The preferences vary from person to person. Also different styles use different flowers in the bouquet. In general the mostly used flowers are Rose, Stephanotis, Tulip, Daisy, Hydrangea, Lily of the Valley, Lily, Orchid, Hyacinth, and Peonies etc.

You can buy it from the florist or order online. You can make one yourself also.

Before deciding what type of bouquet you need, first see the floral and bridal magazines and off curse books. You can even browse the internet for flower and bouquet information. You need to some research and planning before buying.

While choosing flowers, choose the flowers that will match with the wedding theme and arrangements.

Take expert advice when you feel ther is any need. Local and online florists can be a great help. Plan before and place the order for the day.

If you want to make a bouquet, then you need to first decide the flower and the design. See and decide what you want. Get flowers, fillers, , greenary. Arrange all these in a purchased bouquet holder. Before putting the item on the bouquet holder, put it on water to saturate the foam present in the holder. Then fill the holder with flowers, fillers and greenary. Start from the bottom and work up to the top.