Untraditional Wedding Centerpieces

Usually centerpieces at weddings are made from flowers. Floral centerpieces are very colourful and they are a joy for the eye. But if you are tired of them or you prefer something more different for you wedding day, you can always come up with a new kind of centerpiece. Here are some examples which you can use.

Unique Wedding Ideas Non Traditional Wedding

Unique Wedding Ideas Non Traditional Wedding

Branches and Sticks

They are a natural material that is easy to find and it will cost you nothing. You can place them in a glass vase or you can put tiny handmade birds on them. This type of centerpiece is perfect for fall or even winter weddings.


Again, they are cheap and they can be found during almost every season. In addition, you can choose whether you want to use fresh green leaves or autumn leaves. Place the leaves in a vase and put some candles around them. That will create one magical and romantic atmosphere.

Rocks & Stones

Another natural material that you can use as a centerpiece at your wedding is stones and rocks. They come in various shapes, sizes and colours. Also, you don’t need to arrange them in some special way. You can only scatter them on the table mixing them with candles and other natural materials like shells, for example.


But not any books! Try to find some old-looking books, especially ones written by famous writers from the past. This is extremely suitable for couples who love reading and literature as a whole. You can tie them with a simple ribbon or even use them as a stand for cupcakes and other treats.


You can find some interesting lantern in antique shops, second-hand stores or even garage sales. You’ll just need to search very carefully. However, keep in mind that it may be somewhat difficult to find lanterns of the same style or design.