Tricks to Look Thinner in Your Wedding Gown

Many brides-to-be undergo aggressive diets in order to look better in their wedding dresses. But in the end they often lose only a couple of pounds. A little-known truth is that you can look thinner if you use a few wedding gown tricks.

How to Look Thinner on Your Wedding Day

How to Look Thinner on Your Wedding Day

The first thing you need to remember is to put a bra on your wedding day (if the dress allows it, of course). Often brides leave out this piece of undergarment because they want to feel comfortable throughout the entire wedding day. However, stores that specialize in bra sales have great advisers who will readily help you out.

Secondly, if you want to look thinner, you may consider getting a corset wedding gown. That will make your waistline look more elegant and small.

Also, high heels are the easiest way to change your silhouette. They will create the illusion that you have longer legs and slimmer body as a whole. Nevertheless, keep in mind that wearing high heels all day long may be extremely painful. Therefore, you should go with small to medium-sized heels.

Another trick to help you look thinner is to get a so-called “fit and flair” dress. Over the last few months it gained new popularity. That is mainly due to the fact that it successfully hides all the “problem zones” without making them appear bigger. In addition, this type of wedding gown is stylish and feminine.

When you finally buy your wedding dress, make sure you call up a professional to do the fitting. Even if the gown looks good on you, it can look great with a few extra touches here and there.

Well, you may have hoped that you are going to achieve the desired result with a few styling illusions, but you are wrong. You would also need to do some training. But don’t worry we are not talking about two-hour training sessions every day. The only thing you would need to work on are your arms. Even if you have sleeves, you would still need to shape up a bit. Light exercises two to three times a week for only two months – that is all you need!

So if you are not a fan of diets or they simply don’t work for you, take it easier and use these tricks. With them you can look 10 pounds thinner!