Things You Need To Know About Save The Date Cards

If you are using the web as an inspiration or a source of information to plan your wedding, you have probably come across the so-called Save the Date Cards. But do you really know what their purpose is and when you actually need to send them? Although popular, many couples are still not completely familiar with this wedding trend. Here are some of the basics which you need know about Save the Date Cards.

Save the date cards and templates

Save the date written on blackboard with flower

What are they?

Couples use Save the Date Card to inform their friends and family about the date of the wedding. They can be a really good idea if some of the guests live in a different country or if the wedding venue is located in some more distant place. By sending a Save the Date Card, you actually tell your guests to make all the necessary arrangements in order to be free around that date. In that way, faraway guest can book a flight earlier and save some money, for example.

A very important thing about Save the Date Cards is that they should not be mistaken with wedding invitations. Unlike wedding invitations they contain little or no wedding details like accommodation, for instance. In addition, Save the Date Cards are send out before the invites. Also, they are not a compulsory part of the wedding etiquette.

When to send them out?

That depends on the number of guests that will travel from foreign countries. If they are not that many you can send them at least 4 to 6 months before the wedding. However, if there will be entire families that are will have to travel for long hours before they reach the destination, then it is advisable to do that 12 to 15 months before the Big Day.

What style should they follow?

Generally, Save the Date Cards are not that formal like invitations. Moreover, many couples set their imagination free and send out humouristic cards. There are nearly no rules about the design or the style of the Save the Date Cards. However, it is better if you match their style with the one of the wedding invites. Also, usually they come in the size of post cards either as cards or magnets. Many couples like to include a picture of themselves on it or some other personal touch.

What you need to include in them?

The first thing you need to include to a Save the Date Card is, of course, the names of the groom and the bride, as well as the wedding date and its location. Don’t forget to mention in it that you will send out invitations later which will contain more details. Otherwise, you will be bombarded with calls, letters and emails from your guests.

If you are not planning to send invites, you can simply include all the information in the Save the Date Cards. These are, for example, details about the hotel, the transportation and etc.

Save the Date Cards are not a necessary part of the wedding tradition. However, they can be more than useful when you have invited guests from abroad.