What to Do for a Stunning Look on the Wedding Day

We all want to look gorgeous and stunning on our wedding day, but as this day approaches, our responsibilities grow, and in the busy daily routines taking care of your health and fitting in a beauty regimen may seem impossible.

What to Do for a Stunning Look on the Wedding Day

What to Do for a Stunning Look on the Wedding Day

There are a few simple tips and tricks for achieving a stunning look on your wedding day, especially if you start earlier. Follow them to make sure you look as gorgeous and glowing as you have always dreamed!

In general: If you want to feel and look good every day, not only on your wedding day, follow these simple rules. First, drink a lot of water, and reduce coffee and alcohol. Exercise on a regular basis, if you don’t have time, at least try to walk more. Consume lots of fruits and vegetables and avoid fats and sweetened soft drinks. And, of course, try to sleep more.

6 months before: Begin with setting a health& beauty budget and organize your priorities. Start taking care of your skin regularly – cleansing and moisturizing. If your skin is more problematic and sensitive consult with a dermatologist. Start pampering your hands and feet, they are also a part of your body, remember? And now is the time to make a research for a hairdresser and make-up artist for the wedding day. Start exercise, but if want to lose some weight instead of starving make a plan for a healthy diet. Gather some ideas and photos from other weddings to decide what dress, make-up and hairstyle will be best for you. Then consult with a professional to tell you what suits your skin tone and the shape of your face.

3 months before: This is the time for hair and make-up consultations. Try different things until you find the perfect look for you and your outfit. Make an appointment for your “day before” manicure and pedicure, and book the hairdresser and makeup artist. This is the perfect time to have your teeth whitened, or at least quit coffee, tea and cigarettes.

1 month ago: This is the trial run time. Determine your hairstyle and make–up for the Big Day, be sure everything is checked. It is better to use waterproof mascara and a dry lipstick, to avoid accidents and ridiculous wedding photos.

2 weeks before: Have your final haircut before the wedding. If it needs change the hair colour. Confirm the appointments you’ve made with the make-up artist and the hairdresser.

1 week before: Visit the beauty parlor. Start with a leg and a bikini wax, then have your eyebrows shaped. Have a relaxing facial treatment, but no later than 4 days before the wedding to give your skin time to recover. And if you have never had facials before, it is not the time to experiment. Have a spa day, if you can afford it.

The day before: Gather the bridesmaids, your mom and your future mother-in-law and have a girl day – have your manicure and pedicure, coffee time and have a little fun. Have a relaxing bath soothing essential oil before you go to bed. And try to go to bed early!

On the Big Day: Have a good, healthy breakfast to have energy for the whole day. Take a moment to cherish everything around you, take a few deep breaths and enjoy yourself! This is your wedding day and for sure you will be a stunner!