Social Media Wedding Etiquette

Today, we are surrounded by technology like smart mobile devices, pocket-sized cameras and social media websites. That allows us to capture and share every moment of our lives, including events like weddings. However, when it comes to social networks, mobile devices and weddings, there are some basic etiquette rules than both the couple and the guests need to observe.

Rules of Social Media Wedding Etiquette

Rules of Social Media Wedding Etiquette

For the bride and groom

  • Don’t set rules or limits – Not all couples like their guests to take countless pictures during their Big Day and then share then on the web. Some brides and grooms prefer to their most precious moments to stay private. If you are one of them, do no try to set strict rule, limitations or punishments for your guest. That will spoil all the fun at your wedding. Nevertheless, if do not want them to share your pictures online, simply ask them not to in a polite way.
  • Do let guests know your opinion – No matter whether you are open to social media sharing or not, inform your guests about your opinion. That will save you a lot of time and trouble later. You can do that in your invites or in a separate email to them.
  • Do think of alternatives – Some social websites offer more privacy than others. For example, there are platforms that allow you to upload photos in private folders and share them only with people you want. Also, some social media sites let you create private groups where you can again limit the access to the content you share.
  • Don’t opt out of the professional photographer – Those of you who don’t mind guest taking tons of pictures at their Big Day, should not give up on the idea of a wedding photographer. If you want professional pictures than you should not rely on your friends’ blurry snaps. After all, the more the photos, the thicker the wedding album will be.

For the guests

  • Don’t stay on your smartphone all the time – Let’s say that the groom and bride have allowed you to take photos at their Big Day. That, however, does not mean that you should constantly have a phone or a camera in your hand. In fact, it is better if you keep them in your purse or pocket. Take pictures from time to time, otherwise you will interact less with the other guests and the couple. In addition, if you want to share the wedding photos, do that when the event is over.
  • Do ask the bride and the groom about their opinion – If the bride and the groom have not discussed social media sharing and smartphone use at their Big Day, don’t hesitate to ask them. They may have forgotten to tell you their opinion on that or they may not have even though about it.
  • Don’t stand in the way of the professional photographer – When there is a professional photographer at the wedding, you may still be allowed to take your own pictures. Nevertheless, do not hinder the professional from doing his or her job. That means that you should not distract the photographer by engaging him or her in long conversations or offering your advice. Keep in mind, the professional photographer is not at the wedding to have fun, but to make money.

Picture taking and social media sharing at weddings can be a sensitive topic for many brides and grooms. However, when the couple and the guests follow some simple etiquette rules, there should be no problems at all.