Questions To Answer Before Inviting Your Ex The Wedding

For some people, the thought of inviting their ex partners to their wedding does not even cross their minds. However, others who have been with their ex for quite some time or have children together are faced with a difficult decision: To invite the ex or not? If are going through such a dilemma, you may try solving it by answering these simple questions.

How to Invite Your Ex to Your Wedding

How to Invite Your Ex to Your Wedding

How will you present partner feel about that?

Even if you know your current partner’s opinion for your ex, you should still ask her or him before the Big Day. Do not keep your intentions a secret. In addition, if your husband- or wife-to-be disagrees or is not happy with the idea, then you should exclude your old fling from the guest list.

Why you want your ex to come to your wedding?

If you are considering inviting your ex because you have kids together or because he or she is very close to your fam and friends, then go ahead. However, if you are inviting that person only to show how you are better off with someone else, then you should think things over. Also, some people ask an old boyfriend or girlfriend to attend their Big Day since they still have feelings for them. We hope that this is not the case with you because that would mean that you are not ready to move on and especially to tie the knot.

What would you do and how would you feel if your present partner wants to invite an ex?

Jealousy? Hate? Insecurity? Irritation? Fear? If these and other negative feelings take over your mind and heart, then you should probably think twice before sending an invite to your ex. Your current partner may say that he or she does not mind you asking your past lover to come to your wedding. But words are less powerful than emotions and feelings.

Does your ex still have feelings for you?

Those of you, whose ex partners still send them cards and flowers for the anniversary or continue to ask them to get back together, should not invite their old fling at their wedding day. It would probably be too traumatizing for your ex to watch you vow to eternity with someone else. In addition, that won’t help them forget you.