Pre-Wedding Energy Boost Foods

Foods that will give you more energy and will relax you before the Big Day

Most weddings take months to prepare. That leads to a state of general exhaustion in both the bride and the groom. As a result, some couples become too stressed and weary to enjoy the happiest day of their lives when it finally arrives. However, the good news is that you can easily overcome that. The only thing you need to do is eat right. Here are some foods that are 100% guaranteed to boost your energy and make you feel more relaxed at your wedding.

What to Eat Before Your Wedding Events

What to Eat Before Your Wedding Events


Don’t ever underestimate the power of fresh water. Water has one amazing ability – it can free you from all the bad toxins. In addition, it will keep you well-hydrated. These two things lead to a higher level of energy. But make sure you stick to water and leave all the other beverages, like soda and alcohol, aside. If you have trouble doing that, just buy flavoured water or put some lemon in it. In addition, try to consume the right amount of water for your body. To find out how much water you really need to drink, simply divide your body weight by two. The result is equal to the ounces of water you need to consume on daily basis.


If you consume foods rich in protein, your tummy will be sated for a longer. In that way, you will have the energy and the time to keep you going before, during and after the wedding. Try to include more protein in your meals like fish, cheese, chicken, peanut butter and turkey. For example, start your day with a peanut butter bagel breakfast. Then eat some fruit and cheese for lunch. Finish the day with a chicken or fish dinner. However, avoid consuming any fried food.

Complex Carbs

Complex Carbohydrates are slow to digest, but they don’t contain much fat. Also, they will give more energy to your body. You can find complex carbs in foods like raisin bread, whole-grain pasta and corn flakes.

Remember that you don’t need to follow this diet for months or even for weeks. Consume these products only on your wedding day, as well as the day before.