How To Organize A Neon Wedding

Neon colours have been very popular over the last few seasons. As a result, neon is now finally making its way to weddings. However, do not assume that neons are always a synonym of the 1980s. A neon wedding does not need to include fanny packs, jelly sandals or glow sticks. In fact, neons can be added to your Big Day in a very stylish way.

best Neon Wedding Theme Inspiration images

best Neon Wedding Theme Inspiration images

Love it or Like it?

Before you start planning your neon wedding, you need to decide how much you enjoy these bright colours. If you are a huge neon fan, then you can go wild with the wedding decorations by making neons the dominant part of your wedding palette. However, if you prefer to be more moderate, you can combine them with white. That will actually give your wedding a fresh and fun look and you will avoid the possibility of overegging the pudding.

Neon Brides

The same goes for the bride’s wedding dress. A neon gown will surely be a showstopper. However, it will not look good on every bride. In addition, it will be suitable only for warmer seasons like spring and summer. Therefore, our advice is to stick to a classic white dress. You can add some neon accessories to it, of course. For instance, you can rock neon shoes or a neon necklace. You can also try putting on some neon makeup, if your skin tone allows it.

However, when it comes to the dresses of your bridesmaids, neon is more than welcome. Still, it is better if they all wear the same colour. Otherwise, you may experience a colour attack.

Neon Grooms

Not many grooms will be thrilled to wear an all-neon suit at their wedding… or at any other event. Therefore, neon colours should again be used moderately with grooms. Rely mainly on accessories to achieve the desired effect. A simple neon-striped tie will do the trick.

Neon Wedding Cake

The best thing about wedding cakes is that you can always get a bit too crazy with them. They do not really need to combine perfectly with your wedding decorations or apparel. That means that you can cover your cake in neon or neon details. Make it the centerpiece of your Big Day and surprise your guest with a neon explosion.

One last piece of advice – if you have set your mind on a neon wedding bouquet, make sure you add some greens to it. That will balance the neon colours and make it more stylish.

Now go and plan your own colourful and memorable Big Day.