Mexican Wedding Traditions

If you are a fan of the Mexican culture or you are marrying a Mexican, then you need to learn more about the wedding traditions in this Latin American country. Weddings in Mexico involve many interesting and fun rituals than can easily be included in any modern ceremony. Here are the basic and the most popular Mexican wedding traditions.

Best Mexican wedding traditions ideas

Best Mexican wedding traditions ideas

Unlike many other countries, in Mexico the wedding expenses are taken care of by both the family of the bride and that of the groom. In addition, the fams plays a big role in the planning process. That is because they usually pay for a large part of the wedding and they want to have their say. However, you can limit their authority by asking them to cover only a particular part of the celebrations, for example.

The traditional attire of the groom and the bride has little to do with the most common wedding styles. The groom dresses up either in a Mexican wedding shirt and pants or like a matador. The matador outfit consists of tight trousers and a bolero jacket. The bride also wears a bolero jackets, but she combines it with a fitted dress and a mantilla veil. In addition, the bride has the privilege to select the wedding palette and details like the attire and the wedding cake.

Couples who wed after the Mexican traditions tie the knot with a lazo. The lazo is a big rosary that symbolizes the union between the bride and the groom. It is used in the wedding ceremony. It is first put over the groom’s shoulders and his neck and then over those of the bride. After the ceremony is over, the lazo is handed to the bride who has the task to preserve it.

Also, the groom gives his beloved thirteen gold coins. They stand out for his trust and confidence in his bride. By giving and accepting the coins, the couple shows its dedication for each other.

Money is present in another Mexican wedding tradition called “money dance.” In it, the men at the wedding pay to have one dance with the bride. Usually, the “payments” are more than generous and they are enough to give the couple a nice honeymoon, for instance.

Music and food are very important at Mexican weddings. The tunes at the event are typically Latin and are performed live. The music often includes flamenco, salsa and merengue. The food tends to be quite spicy. The wedding menu in Mexico usually consists of tortilla dishes, spicy rice, as well as beef and chicken. The main drink at the wedding is Sangria which is a mixture of white and red wine, brandy, soda water and juice.