Marriage Proposal Don’ts

For many gentlemen, proposing to their ladies is a stressful and a challenging experience. That is because women are naturally unpredictable. You never know how they are going to react and what they are going to say. The fear of messing up the proposal is common among men. But the truth is there is nothing to worry about if you know the most five popular mistakes about marriage proposals.

Marriage Proposal Dos and Don'ts Tips for Popping the Question

Marriage Proposal Dos and Don’ts Tips for Popping the Question

Don’t rush it

You feel that you have found the One! You believe that your girlfriend is pretty, smart, loving, thoughtful, kind… That is great! Probably you are already thinking about popping the question. However, before you do that, think about your current relationship. Have you just started dating? Do you know her opinion on marriage? Do you believe that she is ready to take such a huge step now? Proposing to a woman is not always the right thing to do. If a lady is not thinking about marriage, you may scare her and that will change your relationship for the worse or even end it. So try to find out more about her views on marriage as well as her plans for the future. But don’t ask her directly.

Don’t blow up your secret

Once you take the decision to propose, don’t go sharing your plans with the entire world. You may be excited, but you should keep things on the low. Some of your friends and relatives may accidentally blab out your secret to your girlfriend and spoil the surprise.

Don’t propose without a ring

The ring is a must when you are proposing. It is seen as a symbol of the engagement. Without it you will only give your lady empty words. In addition, your girlfriend will not have any doubts about the seriousness of your intentions if you put a ring on it. Those of you who cannot afford a ring at the moment or have accidentally lost it, can come up with an alternative engagement token. Of course, they will need to replace it for the real deal after soon that. The important thing is that you should not pop the question empty-handed.

Don’t forget to pick the right moment

When you buy the ring, you may feel the need to propose as soon as possible. Your huge excitement and stress, however, may result in marriage proposals in the most unromantic places possible like in the store, in the bus or even on the phone. Try to hold your impulses back for a little longer. Follow your plan if you want to have a nice engagement memory and story to tell.

Don’t pop the question in public

You love your lady and you want everyone to know that. But popping the question in front of other people like friends, family or strangers is never a good idea. Most women cannot think straight when they are surrounded by a big audience. As a result, they may say “Yes” when they actually wanted to say “No” and vice versa. It is advisable to keep this private moment only between the two of you. That will make it sweeter, more intimate and romantic.