Invitations for a bridal shower

The first step

Wedding is an important stage in the life of any person. Pleasant troubles grab you and take you away from the routine to the happy country named “Wedding land”.

Invitations for a bridal shower

This is the time when you want a miracle. Nevertheless, do not forget about the organization process. A serious word can carry a cheerful meaning. It is a question of planning. Invitation to the last single woman’s party should have the foretaste of an unforgettable holiday.

Creative imagination is very useful. Text should be not ordinary, create a little intrigue about the place or add cute little presents – surprise your guests! Invitations for a bridal shower gives you lots of opportunities to do it.

The main points of the invitation are:

  • the occasion of the meeting.
  • to whom is addressed (can mention girl’s nickname).
  • where will take place (café, restaurant, cottage, sauna, club and others)?
  • meeting point.
  • date.
  • time.

Of course, It’s up to you whether use this list or not. There is no boundary of your imagination.

Invitations for a bridal shower

The importance of the text

An invitation is the first step to the atmosphere of the upcoming holiday.

The text is what we read and imagine the future event. It is the basis of perception.

It can be written in a very definite style: “My bridal shower will take place at my place on Friday October 5.Jane, come at five o’clock.”


However, it might be more pleasant to receive the invitation poem. The story from the past, which shows the link between you and your friend is suitable. We are living in the era of mass production – every beam of “personalization” makes people feel their own importance.

Aren’t people we invite to bridal shower the most important?

Invitations for a bridal shower

The shape

The invitation can be made as a regular or a musical card. The form of it can be square, round, oval or resemble an object. Different forms of presentation maybe used: statuette of the paper boy, holding the newsletter, baskets with eggs, like on Easter, with the text of invitation, paintings, bottles or boxes with a letter, etc.

Modern 3D technology allows you to create a masterpiece, just add some fancy. In respect that bridal shower has sexual innuendo one should use it. Making invitations for a bridal shower in the shape of sexy underwear will give your guest the right atmosphere. Although, the traditional color is pink it is not necessarily to use only it.

Invitations for a bridal shower

To do or not to do

What should one do: make an invitation itself or hire a professional? There is no definite answer. If your handwriting is gorgeous, the text can be written by hand, but if not, it is best to print it out. Text can be decorated, that will give feeling of solemnity.

The nice paper is a good material for production by yourself. If you want to use something else it might be useful to hire a professional.

Although, producing the invitations with your own hands means serious savings and making them unique, don’t forget that you have lots of things to do except invitations. Wedding agencies also give you the guarantee of quality. As mentioned above, these invitations create the atmosphere of the holiday.

To do or not to do

The sloppy thing will not help in it.

The most important thing

Remember, a guarantee of the best party is people. Surround yourself with the best of friends. It’s celebration to strengthen relations between you.