Important Beauty Don’ts for Brides

As a bride-to-be, you have probably come across various articles which advice you what to do in order to look pretty at our wedding day. Well, this one is different! In this material, we will focus on all the things that can spoil your beauty. Here’s what you should avoid doing before the Big Day:

Beauty Don'ts for Brides

Beauty Don’ts for Brides

Tanning – Having a healthy tan is good. However, with tanning there is always a risk. First, you may get unnaturally dark. Second, it is not healthy for the skin. Therefore, it would be better if you stick to your natural skin colour. If you are afraid that you face is too pale, you can always fix it with some extra makeup.

Flat-Ironed Hairstyle – Do not flat-iron your hair. No matter what kind of a hairstyle you are planning to wear at your wedding day, you will need to keep your hair fresh for it. In that way it will not only look better, but it will last for longer. So, give your hair some break from such procedures. Also, remember to wash it well before the Big Day!

Last-Minute Beauty Services – There are some things you should not leave for the last minute or even the last day. For example, it is better to colour or cut your hair a week before the event. The same goes for waxing your brows and getting a facial. With these beauty treatments, there is always a chance for things to go wrong. Therefore, avoid putting them at the very bottom of your wedding preparations list.

Cut Some Foods and Drinks – No, we are not trying to criticize your physical shape and we are not going to talk about weight loss. There are some foods and drinks that can colour your teeth. As a result, you will not have a perfectly pearly-white smile on your wedding. So remember to stay away from foods like berries and drinks like wine.

Don’t Reduce the Amount of Food, Just the Salt You Put in It – If, after all, you are worried about your weight, there is something you can do. Instead of strict dieting, try not to consume salt and salty foods. Sodium will only store an excessive amount of water in your body. By reducing its consummation, you will quickly lose a few pounds.

Although untraditional, these tips are guaranteed to help you achieve a true beauty queen look. Just try them out!