Ideas For Affordable Bachelor Party

Just like most things connected with the wedding, the bachelor party can also be expensive. Hiring a limo and driving from club to club can be fun but quite pricey too. In addition, it will greatly reduce the groomsmen’s wedding gift budget. But celebrating a man’s last night of freedom can be done in a cheaper, yet very fun way. Here are some ideas for budget-friendly bachelor parties.

Ideas For An Affordable Bachelor Party

Ideas For An Affordable Bachelor Party

Watch a Sports Game

No, we don’t mean in front of the TV! Buy tickets for some big game or sports event and loosen up. After that, you can all go to a bar or pub and have some drinks, discuss the game and, of course, the groom’s upcoming Big Day.

Play Sports

If the party gang is more active, then you can organize your own sports night. Pick a sport and a place and put all of your energy into motion! However, it is better if you enjoy your drinks after the game. It is not a good idea to consume alcohol when you are performing dehydrating activities like playing sport. That can lead to a big hangover which may easily spoil the wedding experience.


Barbeques are a piece of cake to organize. The only things you need are a simple grill, a backyard or some other outdoor space and steaks. The biggest advantage of BBQ bachelor parties is that they are easy to clean after.


If you are familiar with this game and enjoy playing it, then don’t hesitate to organize a poker bachelor party. But don’t get too carried away the stakes. Keep them relatively low if you still want to have a cheap party.

Video Games

Put on your sweat pants or some other comfy wear and organize a video game competition. Plan tournaments with different games, order take-out food and have a few beers. Nothing more enjoyable and simpler than that!


If the bachelor party gang is not afraid to sing, then a karaoke night out can be a good choice for a party. In addition, karaoke parties will get you less drunk than a party in an ordinary bar and pub. In that way you will be able to have more fun at the wedding.

There are many other cheap solutions for a bachelor party. However, make sure you pick an activity and place that the groom will surely like.