Hawaiian Wedding Traditions You Can Add To Your Beach

Beach weddings guarantee for a romantic and intimate experience. They are usually informal and more laid-back. In addition, in most of the cases they are attended by the bride’s and the groom’s closest relatives and friends. But the best thing about weddings on the beach has got to be the fact that they are very colourful! They include lots of flowers and the colours of the wedding dress and the groom’s apparel are not limited only to the traditional choices of black and white. But if you want to make your beach wedding even more unique and interesting, you can incorporate some Hawaiian wedding traditions. Here are some of the most popular and colourful of them.

Hawaiian Wedding Traditions

Hawaiian Wedding Traditions

Flower Garlands

The Hawaiian flower garlands are also known under the name lei. You may have seen them in different movies about Hawaii. However, they are reserved for the wedding ceremony. That is because they symbolize things like mutual respect and love. If you want to follow this tradition at your Big Day, then you should make two big lei garlands. During the ceremony, the bride and the groom should switch their lei. You can also add a flower girl that will bring the garlands at a particular part of the wedding ceremony. It is better if you make the two lei from different flowers. The bride usually wears a garland made of white and pink flowers called pikake. They can be combined with rosebuds and orchids. To make things even more colourful, the bride can also wear a headpiece which is also made of flowers. For the groom, the lei should be made of leaves from green maile and tiny white flowers. You can push traditions further by giving everyone at your wedding lei. The more the better, right!

Hawaiian Wedding Apparel

Hawaiian brides and grooms dress in white. The wedding dress is long and airy. Grooms wear white pants and a white shirt. However, if you are not planning on covering yourselves in traditional Hawaiian flowers, then you can go with more colourful designs. Even better, you can wear a kimono. They are not uncommon at weddings in Hawaii. That is because the island is very close to Asia. As a result, the life there is influenced in many ways by the Asian culture.

Hawaiian Music

The music of Hawaii is really one-of-a-kind. It is very playful, yet romantic and relaxing. That is what makes it perfect for weddings. You can hire musicians who are familiar with the local musical instruments. You can also play it from a stereo. However, that may be a bit challenging on the beach. Another great idea is to dress some of your guests as hula dancers. For instance, those can be the bridesmaids. That will make the event more entertaining and enjoyable.

Including Hawaiian wedding traditions to your Big Day is a great way to have a fun and intimate wedding ceremony and celebration. It is perfect for couples who do not want to bind themselves with formal and outdated wedding practices.