Gorgeous Look for the Perfect Wedding Photos

One of the things that can make you nervous on the wedding day is the wedding photos. Every bride dreams about beautiful and magical photos but very often it seems we are not as photogenic as we have thought we are. However, there is always a way to “lie” the camera so we can have the perfect wedding photos.

How to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Photos

How to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Photos

Many brides don’t realize that the day you get married is indeed one of the most important days in life, and the very fact that you and your husband-to-be are so happy and in love is enough to make the photos magical. The important thing is to relax and let your happiness shine through!

We have selected for you some tips on how to look radiant and gorgeous in every shot.

  1. Choose your photographer and videographer carefully. Pay attention to their style and work and decide what will suit you best. If you feel comfortable with the photographer, the photos will also look good.
  2. Have your make-up done professionally. The professionally applied make-up will last longer. Besides, the make-up artist will accentuate the best features of your face for the camera.
  3. Practice the best facial expressions in the mirror. It may look stupid but this will provide you great wedding photos. Practice smiling, as well as serious faces, and try to remember the ones you like.
  4. Consider the venue. If the place has plenty of natural light all photos will be better, so select a building with lots of large windows, or try an outdoor wedding.
  5. Make sure your outfit is comfortable, not only beautiful. If the shoes are hurting, this will be displayed on your face, so it’s better to think about all these things earlier.
  6. Strike a pose. Take example from Hollywood and pose like a real star. Stand with one shoulder turned slightly to camera, and one foot slightly in front of the other to elongate your body. Avoid looking down unless you want double chins. Hold your arms slightly away from the body to make them look slimmer.
  7. If you think your smiles are not natural, try looking away from the camera with a straight face, and then break into a smile as you turn to face the lens. The other way is make someone tell you a joke.
  8. Some simple rules – focus your eyes just slightly above the camera lens. Move your face forward a bit and tip down your chin.
  9. For best photos pick up the morning or the late afternoon when the light is more flattering. If it is the middle of the day try to stay in a shade.
  10. Select a background. Your white wedding gown will stand out against darker colours. Don’t underestimate the colours around you, and you will look eye-catching and breathtaking.