Get in Shape for your Wedding Day in One Month

You have only a month before the big day, and you want to look your best on the numerous photos which will be taken on the wedding day ceremony. Not to mention the fact that your beautiful white dress would look a lot better on you if you lost those extra pounds! Don’t worry, it’s not too late! Here are a few tips to help you achieve that in no time.

Get in Shape for Your Wedding Day

Get in Shape for Your Wedding Day

First, you should get motivated. This means that you should hype yourself up while visualizing your final goal – a body in its best shape possible! Motivate yourself by writing down your goals and checklists for each day- for example, to run 5km on Monday, 6km on Tuesday and 7km on Friday. This will help you stick to your regimen. Looking at your wedding dress will also help you because you would be reminding yourself that you would want to fit into that dress perfectly!

The second thing you should do is to plan out a regimen for yourself for the one month leading up to the big day. It would be best if you gradually increase the intensity of your workout in the second or third week. For best results, you should pair cardio-based exercises with some weight training – cardio-based exercises will help you burn fat, while weight training exercises will keep your muscles toned and sculpted.

Next, you can get a personal coach. A coach has the relevant knowledge of various exercises that will target your problem areas, thus helping you get in shape quicker! You can also join a gym club, where people with similar goals will inspire and motivate you even more. Moreover, they could also share tips and tricks with you.

Last but not least, you should vary your workouts. Most people would stick to the same workout over and over again. This is a mistake because you should always challenge your body to greater heights. For example, instead of hitting the gym, you can go roller skating.

A good exercise regimen can help you a lot to attain your desired body shape on your big day. Try our tips and tricks and you will see for yourself.