Free printable bridal shower invitations

An inseparable part of every wedding is organizing a bridal shower before the wedding day. To inform your guests about the upcoming event, entrust the job to free printable bridal shower invitations.

Free printable bridal shower invitations

The latter can serve as a grandiose annunciation! Choosing unique and interesting designs for creating invites you will make the guests wait for the day enthusiastically.

Choose invites meeting – the theme of the event

However, before choosing an invite template decide upon the bridal shower theme. If you have chosen a lingerie theme, then the invitation design must be an appropriate one.

It can have decorations with lingerie sketches or pictures that will bring so much fun, won’t it? Anyway, in case you would like to take a more serious theme for the event, black and white colored invitations can work excellent! They are timelessly elegant and beautiful suiting any taste and style.

Moreover, if you have just organized a bridal shower without choosing any theme for it black and white invites can be practical variants!

Free printable bridal shower invitations

Save on budget

Determining to choose free printable bridal shower invitations you also greatly benefit on the cost. Generally ordering invitations in specialized wedding stationery boutiques you will be obliged to pay at least $2 per card.

Meanwhile downloading the patterns free of charge all that you will need is printing them on the paper you desire and can afford. The best paper option is semi-gloss paper.

It allows the design including as the picture so the wording be printed brightly and distinctly! So there are quite many popular services suggesting downloading free printable bridal shower invitations.

These are:

  • Greeting Island,
  • Free Bies,
  • Wedding Clip Art,
  • Co-Printed,
  • Wedding Paper Divas, etc.

Free printable bridal shower invitations

Free downloadable invitation – models by Greeting Island

So, within the most popular online services offering printable invitations for bridal showers for free is the Greetings Island. Here you are going to come across a great diversity of invitation designs that are going to fascinate you!

Starting with simple yet elegant and pretty models and ending with intricate or funny ones you are sure to find what you need and all free of charge! Simply download the design you loved most and customize the wording to your data.

Elegant patterns

The Greetings Island offers amazing free printable bridal shower invitations in classic style. For instance, there is a magnificent invite pattern with a picture of a bride in a white wedding gown pictured from behind showing her slender back and beautiful hairstyle.

Free printable bridal shower invitations

What concerns the wording of this model it is presented in the classic polite form. Anyway, there are also many other classic designs for free printable bridal shower invitations each beautiful in its own way. One of them presents a black and white photo of the bride with a column of again traditional wording on the left size.

Add some fun

Nevertheless, having some funny wording along with a same-like design is really cool even for a bridal shower party! The service Greeting Island offers gorgeous models in this style.

Free printable bridal shower invitations

One of them is called the Wicked Girls Fun! The wording printed in white and pink colors upon a black background invite some wicked girls to have fun before the upcoming old ball and chains is got fastened! The bottom if the card is illustrated with pink colored pictures of three items.

These are a shoe, lips and a glass of champagne.