Fine Art Wedding Gift Ideas

Part of the wedding tradition is to give gifts to the happy couple in return to their decision to share their Big Day experience with you. Among the most common wedding gifts ideas are presenting kitchen utensils, household goods and electronics. Although these are very practical choices, they are not original and they fail to surprise the bride and groom. If you are looking for unique and unexpected wedding gift ideas, maybe you should consider getting a piece of fine art. To find one, you do not need to go to an art gallery or an auction. We are living in the 21st century, which means that even famous paintings can now be purchased on the web. There are many websites that specialize in selling certified and popular works of art. One of them is Amazon’s new department Amazon Fine Art, where you can find a rich collection of more than 40,000 works from 150 different galleries.

Wedding art ideas

Wedding art ideas

But even if you know from where to buy a piece of art, you may experience some difficulties deciding which ones are worth investing in. In addition, you should find a work that will symbolize love and marital life. After all, you are looking for a memorable wedding gift. Edward Munch’s The Scream painting, for instance, will be a rather inappropriate choice of a present. That is why we have decided to make a short list of famous romantic art pieces that will be appreciated by a couple in love.

Pierre Augustine Renoir – Dance in the Country

This etching dates back to 1890 and behind it stands the artistic genius of Renoir. It shows a dancing couple, which is so mesmerized by each other and the music, that nothing else on this world seems to interest them. Actually, the print is taken from Renoir’s oil painting with the same name which he drew a few years earlier.

Kostabi is a modern artist who is especially appreciated in Italy. His works are often set in surreal environments and include figures with no faces. Despite that, their body language tells an entire story. Similar is the case in Kostabi’s screenprint Love in Stereo. Its style will be a perfect addition to any contemporary home.

Robert Indiana – The Book of Love

The book of love is a collection of prints that resemble Indiana’s most popular work called Love which can be seen in Philadelphia. It is one of the best examples of American pop art and culture. Its simplicity does not fail to attract the eye. Also, Amazon Fine Art offers a number of these prints which come in different colour options and are relatively reasonably priced for such rare artworks.

Dianne Blell – Elopement

Nearly all of Blell’s works will make a great wedding present. That is because most of them focus on themes like love, intimacy and relationships. Also, they show elements from mythology that make the works really enigmatic and romantic. Elopement perfectly showcases these aspects of Dianne Blell’s work. The colours of this archival pigment photograph are very soft and its details – breathtaking. Those, who look closely, may even discover a few symbols hidden behind this love story.

All of these pieces of art will make a nice wedding gift. However, each of them comes from a different period and genre. In addition, they were created by artists who have unique trademarks. Therefore, when you make your choice, consider the tastes and personalities of the bride and groom. Surprise them with a work that will not only visually please them, but also remind them of their love and mutual dedication. If you follow these two basic tips, your present will, without a doubt, stand out from those of the crowd.