Fall bridal shower invitations

The tradition of the shower: yesterday and today

The ceremony shower prevalent in English-speaking countries, so fall bridal shower invitations are very popular, too. They celebrate every significant event in a person’s life, such as a wedding or the birth of a child. These tradition roots go deep in medieval history when the bride’s dowry often proved crucial.

Fall Bridal Shower Invitations

The tradition is very popular nowadays in such countries as:

  1. America
  2. Canada
  3. England
  4. Australia.

If the wedding is scheduled for the third decade of the autumn, arrange a few weeks before the actual event. Relatives and friends send fall bridal shower invitations.

The bride gives a wide variety of gifts that will be useful in family life. It was useful practice for a girl from a poor family, all her friends who received fall bridal shower invitations, collected and gave gifts to her, thus compensating for the lack of a dowry.

Good old England

This gave the opportunity to the girl without a dowry to marry the man of her dreams.

At the end of the 19th-century bridal shower invitations were widespread among the middle class. Now various invitations are very popular among all social classes of America.

Good old England

The same custom existed in medieval England, it was called “bride’s el”. Girl sends by mail fall bridal shower invitations to those who were able to congratulations and support her, brewed el and sold it by the highest price. In this way, the girl started collecting money for an upcoming wedding.

Rules of etiquette

The most important rule of etiquette states, that you are obliged to invite to the wedding everybody who received fall bridal shower invitations. The bride is a hostess at a party, assisted by one or more girlfriends. Mother or close relatives should not participate in the organization of this party. A number of guests at such events may be different.

Rules of etiquette

Autumn wedding features

Many design ideas for wedding looks very nature, the main thing is to be able to notice them and bring to life. Here are the main reasons why bridal shower sought to arrange in a fall and to send invitations to the guests:

  • an old superstition says that a marriage concluded in the autumn will be strong and happy;
  • ended harvest and abundance of products made the wedding truly rich;
  • it is a wonderful and romantic season for wedding celebrations.

The holiday begins with an invitation If you really want to make a bridal shower special, you need to consider every little thing. Not the last role making plays fall invitations. It is received by the card begins to form the guest in a festive mood.

Autumn wedding features

Of course, you can use the standard forms, but you can also show imagination and creativity. Autumn motives thanks to unique colors, autumn called the most colorful season.

The idea to use this diversity in the decoration begs itself.

Most spectacularly in the color palette look:

  • gold;
  • ochre;
  • amber;
  • calm red and brown hues.

Autumn cards can be cozy, stylish, original, but not too formal. Let them warm guests by last heat of sunshine, not make cold and boredom.

Fall Bridal Shower Invitations

Feel free to use the autumn symbols. Make invitations in the form of a yellow and red fishnet leaves, rain drops, apple or fort. Cards can be decorated with natural materials.

At the same time, do not forget that even the most original fall bridal shower invitations should contain all necessary information about the wedding: date, time and venue of the celebration.