Diy Weddings Enjoying Mive Pority Today

When planning a wedding there are a number of things couples need to consider. Among them are, for example, decorations, food, favors and etc. Until recently, most love birds used to prefer to leave the professionals to deal with all of that. However, now a new study has found that brides- and groom-to-be are opting for DIY weddings. The main reason behind this wedding trend is reported to be the couples’ wish to save money.

The Evolution of the DIY Bride

The Evolution of the DIY Bride

The research was conducted by BrideBox and The Wedding Report. What is showed was nearly 80% of all couples that participated in it were planning to DIY at least one aspect of their Big Day.

But what actually is a DIY wedding? Well, this performing some service or task connected with your wedding yourself or with the help of your friends or family, for instance. These things can vary from simple printing of invitation and menu cards to creating wedding décor and even preparing the wedding meals.

The study classifies the most popular wedding DIY activities over the last few months. According to it, about 57% of the couples prefer to take care of the printing items themselves. That includes creating place cards, thank you notes, save the dates and wedding invitations. The second most popular DIY wedding preparation is decoration. Half of the respondents in the survey state that they will create the décor for their ceremony and their venue. In addition, many couples also do their own centerpieces and lighting. Around 25% of all love birds choose not to entrust a professional with their wedding appetizers, cakes and entrees. Other DIY activities in which couples and their nears and dears engage in are favors (49%), gifts (28%), drinks and wardrobe (26%), as well as taking photos and shooting videos (24%).

All these things are really time consuming since they require a lot planning. In addition, the process of their creation and implementation is not easy either. So why are couples attracted by DIY weddings? The reasons here differ, however, the most popular of them is money saving. From all couples who participated in the study, 61.7% are reported to want a DIY wedding in attempt to cut down their expenses. That clearly shows that the global economy slowdown continues have an imprint on our lives.

Nevertheless, over 17% of brides- and grooms-to-be opt for DIY weddings only because they want to have a full control over the planning and decoration of their Big Day. Another 10.5% of couples have personal or sentimental motivations behind their choice. In addition, 4.3% of them think that DIY tasks are more fun that hiring a professional. Strangely, about 0.6% of all couples believe that a DIY wedding could actually save them some cash.

The DIY trend in wedding is likely to stay for a while. That is mainly because the world is not expected to experience an economy boom any time soon.