Destination Weddings Transporting Your Dress

Marrying at a destination wedding can be really fun and interesting for both you and your guests. You will all get to travel and spend more time together. In addition, tying the knot in some faraway spot will take you away from reality and usher you into a new and fresh atmosphere. In short, destination weddings are always memorable. However, as you can probably imagine, they require lot of extra preparation. You need to consider the venue, the local weather, the laws and etc. But the most challenging of all is the transportation of the bride’s gown. No matter how you choose to get to your wedding spot, transporting your dress will be a hard task. You need to protect it from getting stained, torn or wrinkled. But don’t worry! There are a few tricks and tips that can be of great assistance to you.

Destination Wedding Destination Wedding Locations

Destination Wedding Destination Wedding Locations

Consider the Distance When Buying the Gown

When you go to search for a wedding dress, do not forget the fact that you are going to have to somehow transport it to a distant place. Therefore, try to opt for something that is easy-to-carry. For example, pick a dress that does not have a hoop or other huge elements and pieces. In addition, go for a gown that is shorter and less bulky.

Do Not Check It

If you are going to travel by a plane you should remember one very important thing – never check your wedding dress! Bring it as a carry-on and ask your flight attendant to hang it in the first-class closet. Otherwise, you risk having it damaged or even worse – it can get lost.

Hang It When You Get There

As soon as you arrive, take the gown and hang it. Do that before everything else. In that way it will have more time to return its previous shape.

Bring Stain Remover

A common problem when transporting a dress or, as a matter of fact, any clothing piece, is having it stained. So a good idea would be to take stain remover to get rid of all blemishes as soon as you see them. However, remember to carry it at hand so that you can take care of the spots while they still haven’t penetrated into the fabric of the gown.