How to cope with Wedding Stress

The wedding is the most important event in the life of every woman and organizing the perfect ceremony can be really stressful. Here are some tips how to deal with wedding stress and how to preserve your inner balance just before the Big Day.

Top tips for dealing with wedding planning stress

Top tips for dealing with wedding planning stress

First and most important of all, relax, relax and … relax! Start with a long bath by candlelight, add 1-2 drops of essential oil, our suggestion for you would be lavender oil, for some well deserved aromatherapy, and simply enjoy the silence. The lavender oil will have a calming effect not only on your nerves, but also on your muscles. In this way it will make you feel fully relaxed both emotionally and physically. Moreover, it will help you sleep and sleep can help with your mood, energy and focus.

You have so much work that it seems impossible for you to do it in time? In this case, take a break from the wedding plans, instead of stubbornly trying to do it all at once. Sit down and read a book or watch a movie and try to distance yourself from the whole situation. This will give you a good perspective and will help you return to the task more focused than before. In this way you will be much more productive and will do the work for much less time.

Last but not least, do something romantic for your fiancé. You may take a short vacation or go to a road-trip together just before the wedding in order to remind yourselves the reason why you’re getting married. Pre-wedding stress sometimes has very negative effect on the relationship of the couple but don’t let it take its toll on you!

No matter how stressful a wedding can be, you can still handle it without losing your composure. We wish you the best of luck!