Complete Guide to Wedding Music

Music is connected with celebration. Wedding is a celebration off course. So there is plenty of music in weddings. Think if in your weddings, there is no music! How dull and boring it will feel. Music touches every heart in different occasions. Music makes your wedding a fun, a day to remember in your life.

The Complete Guide to Wedding Music: Your Wedding Day Playlist

The Complete Guide to Wedding Music: Your Wedding Day Playlist

Probably you heard the wedding song “Here comes the bride, All dressed in white…” recently in a wedding of your friend. This is one of the popular songs played in weddings. There are lots of wedding songs which can be selected for a wedding.

From earlier time music is an integral part of the wedding. Now as the time advances you would like to add more personality to the music played at your wedding. It is a creative expression of yourself. Music in wedding starts along with the guests and lasts till the ceremony is over. Wedding music may be played, sung, and performed. Wedding music is an integral part of wedding

You can use a tape or CD, or a live singer, a band, DJ, musician, for the wedding music

Find musicians, DJ, bands from the local classifieds and internet advertisements. Also search in directories.

Wedding singer/band
If you select a band, it has advantages like it is live, you can modify the songs or style according to the mood prevalent. But bands may be more expensive. You can use the service of a DJ. DJ will play the songs according to you; you will get added style and music. But a bad DJ may ruin all your party that is there may be for a single time. If you select a CD to be played by somebody there are also advantages and disadvantages in it.

If you have decided to use a musician, DJ or a band, you do not have to search for songs. But if you have decided to play a tape or CD than you should search for music and select it for yourself.

Get music to your wedding
Where from you get the music you want? You can buy it from different places. Visit a local store which has a collection of wedding music. Select from the categories.

You can also buy it from the internet. Select the songs necessary and get it delivered to your home. You can also download the wedding music from wedding music providers. There are so many wedding music providers in the Internet. Browse the categories, sub categories and select the song, music you want, Pay for it and download. From libraries also you can get wedding music. Online libraries provide wedding music.

You can buy the wedding music category wise. Select a category, browse through, hear a sample song and select the category or the sub category.

Different countries have different wedding songs. Whatever may be the country and language all wedding songs have the same celebration mood inside.

There is collection of popular wedding songs. Songs may be dedicated to the bride and groom, member of the family of the bride and groom, or are situational. You will find songs for the bride, for the groom, for the friends, relatives and family members. While preparing for the wedding music make a list of all the songs you will need, classify them according to the intended user.

Examples of some wedding music categories – Father/mother to daughter songs, father/mother to son songs, ceremony music, cocktail hour music, first dance songs, mother / son (Groom) songs, group dance, specialty music, wedding celebratory songs, bride-bridegroom songs, in-laws songs etc. You will also find music based on ethnicity like Brazilian, Indian. Greek, Italian, Latin, Polish and so on. Find music by category religion and culture. There are so many categories and sub categories in wedding music. Religious and civil ceremonies for both you will find the wedding music. There are background music and music for dancing using DJ and bands. Selecting the wedding music may be another big task for you, as there are so many songs are available today.

When selecting wedding music
Your wedding music should match the theme of your wedding. While selecting music think about the mood, that you want to create in the wedding. Take advice in choosing ceremony music and reception music.

While selecting the musician or the ban, consider your wedding theme. Select music for different times in the wedding like prelude, pre-processional, processional, bride’s entrance, recessional, cocktail hour music. Your music should reflect a festive mood.
Use the power of the music to create a long lasting impression on the invitees.