Beauty Tips for Any Wedding Season

The different seasons affect our skin and hair in different ways. As a result, not all makeup and beauty tips apply equally well throughout the year. Brides should take into consideration the season in which they plan to marry. Only then they will be able to achieve the desired results.

Beauty Tips you can do a week before your Wedding

Beauty Tips you can do a week before your Wedding

Winter Wedding

During the winter, natural light is very scarce. That can lead to unpleasant black circles and pockets under your eyes. Therefore, avoid heavy makeup. In addition, don’t use too bright or too dark makeup colours. It will be better if you replace them with warmer tones. In the winter, our skin tends to get paler than the usual. So you can apply some self-tanner to acquire a more healthy skin colour. Also, don’t forget to use moisturizing body products like creams and oils. You can use them on your elbows, nails and heels as well. Drink water more often. In that way your skin will look fresher and more glowing.

Spring Wedding

The effect of winter will also affect your beauty in the spring. That is why you should do a little extra pampering. For instance, you can go on a spa weekend. In addition, you should exfoliate every part of your body. When spring comes you need to replace your beauty products with new ones that are more appropriate for this warmer season. When it comes to makeup, use fresher colours like floral and green tones. From the sun, your skin may start to shine in an unpleasant way. To avoid that simply apply some bronzing powder on the key zones of your face like forehead, chin, nose and cheeks.

Summer Wedding

This is one of the most common wedding seasons since the weather is warmer and sunnier. However, there are many things that can threaten your beauty in the summer both inside and outside. In the open you will fight against heat, UV rays and humidity. All three of them can melt down your makeup or even cause rashes and other skin conditions. Even in your home you won’t be safe. The air-conditioning will make your lips and skin go dry. Is there any hope? Of course there is! Switch to moisturizers and makeup that are oil-free. In addition, use only makeup that is water-resistant. At your wedding, bring some blotting paper so that you can prevent your makeup from running down. Also, try to keep thing simpler. Don’t apply excessive makeup and wear your hair in an updo.

Autumn Wedding

This season is becoming more and more popular for weddings. That is mainly due to the fact that it is neither too hot, nor too cold. Brides love it for another reason – it allows deeper and more sensual makeup colours like plum or burgundy. The autumn is the best season for smoky makeup and it gives a huge hairdo freedom. To keep your skin in a good condition, you can only use lotions and moisturizing masks.