About Us

New Media Group’s team is in the process of developing of a new online daily – Bride & Wedding Magazine. the new website will focus on all issues related to brides, grooms, engagements, parties and weddings.

The new online Bride & Wedding Magazine is dedicated to people, both women and men of any age, who look forward to get married. We feature real stories about readers’ and celebrities’ weddings, illustrated with inspiring pictures or videos; interesting information about wedding and honeymoon destinations, special wedding venues, hotels and vendors.

Just with a click of the mouse, you will can find whatever you need and wherever you are!

Bride & Wedding Magazine most important section is the Wedding Planning. In this section you may search for best solutions on how to organize and prepare for the most special day in your life – useful tips and advices about Guest List, Wedding Invitations, Choosing Venue, Food and Drinks, Decoration, etc. These lines will guide you step by step throughout your exciting adventure of being loved and engaged, just before marriage.

Our Bride & Wedding Magazine will keep you informed about the traditions and and latest trends in wedding ceremonies, attires, jewelry and hair-style. In the real stories about famous or common people’ weddings, you will find out how others celebrate their Big Days.

In Community Section you may follow the latest updates from the editorial office of Bride & Wedding Magazine, check Bridal Promotions or Special Offers by our partners. Simply, feel free to join, write, read and communicate within the comments’ section or through the social media networks. Like Bride & Wedding Magazine on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

New Media Group’s team is open for suitable salutary partnership and sponsorship offers. Online advertising is a powerful mean to reach as many targeted groups of clients or business partners as one may need. Our community consists of real and engaged readers who really appreciate our dedication to our work.

Feel welcome to contact us if you wish to share your own wedding experience, if you have fresh ideas, special offers for brides and grooms-to-be!