5 Steps to Flawless Hands on the Big Day

Your hands will be on display on your Big Day, so it is important to make sure they look beautiful and flawless. There is nothing worse than dry, rough skin and broken nails, when you and your husband-to-be share rings at the wedding ceremony.

Wedding day beauty tips how to look & feel stunning

Wedding day beauty tips how to look & feel stunning

If you want perfect hands on the wedding day start hand-care regime two or three months before the Big Day. These are our tips on how to keep your hands moisturized and pretty even in the cold winter.

  1. Make your own scrub and massage your hands to exfoliate dead cells and increase blood circulation. Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice, two desert spoons of sugar, and a desert spoon of almond or olive oil and massage vigorously, but gently. The oil will soften and hydrates the rough skin, and the lemon helps against stains.
  2. Then take a basin filled with warm water (warm, not hot!) and pour in some essential oils – lemon, lavender, or mint to relax the hands. Soak for five or six minutes and wash away the sugar and oil.
  3. Dry your hands with a soft towel and apply your favourite hand-cream. Use moisturizing hand-creams and balms, usually products with cocoa butter, lavender, almond oil and chamomile do an excellent job.
  4. After softening and hydrating the hands you can treat yourself to French manicure, or whatever you like.
  5. It is essential to protect your hands, because they are maybe the busiest part of the body. Always wear rubber gloves when you wash the dishes or clean up the house. Detergents are very aggressive and often bring inflammations, redness and even a rash.

Do this at least two times a week before going to bed. If your hands are too dry and rough, massage them every night with a hand-cream. When the cream is absorbed in the skin, apply a thick layer of it and put on fabric gloves. If you have lard use it, maybe it won’t be very pleasant but the effect is really great. For soft skin and strong nails soak your hands in milk for five minutes. For bright and fresh skin you can use fresh orange peels and rub them on the hands.